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Mubeen Jalib
|  August 16, 2021  |  Guides, How To 
How to Clean Thermal Paste Off CPU

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If you’re a beginner in building up a new gaming setup, you might not know the importance of thermal paste. If you already have built a gaming PC then you are familiar with the thermal paste and know very well it’s importance, used to install CPU cooler on the processor vents to keep it cool from heating up.

Thermal paste is so sticky that it can last years to remove dried out paste from the surface of processor which can even lead to the processor overheating and to offer the best gaming setup performance. So, how to get rid of it and how to clean the thermal paste off cpu before re-applying the new one.

This process might seem a bit complex to the new builders. But no need to worry as we have covered it all with the most easiest ways to do that in this guide to help you understand.

Things Required for Too Much Thermal Paste Removal

Process of removing thermal paste isn’t as complex as it seems to be. In order to clean thermal paste off cpu you need to grab a small piece of microfibre cloth.

Some people use the ordinary paper towels to clean the paste which isn’t a good approach at all as small particles of paper towels can get sticky to the cpu surface. We highly recommend using microfiber cloth with the paste cleaner liquid isopropyl as it evaporates quickly without leaving any particles of paper or tissue at the surface.

How to Clean Thermal Paste Off CPU Without Alcohol

As few of the users try to use normal home cleaner liquid to remove the paste which we highly don’t recommend.

How to Clean Too Much Thermal Paste

If you don’t want to go with isopropyl then ArctiClean Silver is the best alternate option as it’s purely made for the thermal paste cleaning purpose. It comes up with a complete cleaning pack including microfiber cloth, liquid cleaner and anti statick wrist bracelet, with a pack of 5 Arctic Silver thermal paste which you can apply after cleaning the cpu.

These bracelets used for anti-static which can make the components free from any statics appearing on the surface and can avoid damaging the motherboard badly.

How to Clean Thermal Paste Off CPU?

As you have got all the require stuff for removing this too much thermal paste to clean the CPU properly for the re-applying. So, it can prevent process from heating up.

How to Clean Thermal Paste Off CPU

Once you open up your machine’s cpu vents up and see the processor, you will notice how much thermal paste is dried up on it leaving just few little spaces clean.

These dried paste can be removed using the microfiber cloth. Make sure to clean it carefully as this dried paste can scratch your hand. For this, you can use anything flat to avoid the scratches.

Next is to apply the isopropyl on the piece of microfiber cloth and rub the paste off cpu gently. It’s one of the best things that can clean off the processor so easily. Keep cleaning it with the microfiber till it becomes complete clean and starts look like brand new one.

Process of Cleaning Thermal Paste Off Motherboard & CPU Cooler

We have talked above about how to clean the thermal paste off CPU. What if it goes ahead of the CPU and dried up into the CPU pins, cooler or motherboard. Well, it might surprise you to get worried. But you know what you just don’t need to worry about it at all but just needs some extra care while cleaning it otherwise it might hurt the cpu.

How to Clean Thermal Paste Off CPU Cooler

In order to clean thermal paste off motherboard, cpu cooler or cpu pins you need to have a right equipment for it. For that you can go with thin Q tips to remove the paste. Make sure you don’t touch the unaffected area at all. For the cpu cooler, clean off the dust first from the cpu cooler and do the same.

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