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Mubeen Jalib
|  August 31, 2021  |  How To, Guides 
How to Get Free Steam Keys?

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Now a days gaming DVDs and CDs are taken over with the Steam gaming platform. You don’t need to have a copy of game in DVD to play a game. It requires only Steam key to download the games directly from the internet without having any pirated DVD copy. But to download games from Steam requires Steam key. In this article, we’ll guide how to get steam key free of cost.

To get hands on every latest game without limiting to the old ones only. You can get the every new game that you love to have with just few simple clicks over the internet.

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What are Steam Keys?

Steam keys are the special numbers that are associated with the game that you can use to download and play the games free of cost. Isn’t it amazing to get steam keys for the free games.

How to Get Free Steam Keys?

Well, there’s a number of ways to get free steam keys. We will cover ’em one by one.

Steam Giveaway Websites

There’s some websites over the internet that offer free steam keys giveaways. Users can go to that sites to grab one key.

1. FreeSteamKeys.com

FreeSteamKeys is one of the most popular website for offering free Steam Keys. It keeps updating frequently to engage it’s audience and deliver the working keys for the various games like HellCat, Calibur, Dirty Bomb and many more.

2. Reddit.com/r/FreeGameFindings

This is a subreddit community instead of a website that offers a number of working steam keys. It is considered one of the best platforms to get free steam keys. One of the best thing about this reddit community is that you can get almost every game for every gaming platform.

You just need to check out few steps to get one steam key for you for any sort of game you’re looking for. It gives all the game options depending on your choice.

3. Reddit.com/r/FreeGamesOnSteam

This is another subreddit dedicated to the free Steam games for the one that is looking for steam keys. You can get free Steam keys for most of the games in this sub-reddit free of cost

These are the three top of the line to get free Steam keys. There’s even other option to buy a steam key as well but in this article we’re covering the free ways.

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How to Get Free Steam Keys on Gleam.io?

In order to get free Steam keys, follow this step by step guide:

  1. Go to the above mentioned sub-reddit (https://reddit.com/r/FreeGamesOnSteam).
  1. Select any of the available game which isn’t crossed over or unavailable anymore.
  1. You will see a number of tasks to get the free Steam keys. Just complete these actions and you’ll see the free Steam key in the Green colored box. Just copy and paste this key in Steam to redeem it.

Why Do These Websites Giveaway Free Steam Keys?

As shown in the above steps to get free steam keys by just completing some simple tasks like subscribing to their channel and in return they give free steam key to you. This is a win win situation for both parties. They get subscribers and you get the key.

Sometimes it won’t work as not all the giveaways work. Some of the keys work and sometimes the keys don’t work.

There’s some competitive games or simple lucky draws like spin the table to win the key which isn’t a highly successful.

Some speed testing platforms also deliver free steam keys by letting the user download from the website and testing the speed and in result they get the free steam keys for the games.

Another approach is to get the people signed up with their website and win the gaming in return. This is a way a user invites their friends to signup for the website and once the specific number of people signed up, you get the key. It’s a marketing strategy most of the websites use to build up their email list.

Most of the new game developers introduce their games in the market and to get a huge number of audience, they offer free rewards like free steam keys or money etc. They even offer the free trial version of the game to get more people addicted to it and once it becomes addiction, you need to buy the premium membership. This is how they make money by offering free keys to the users. Not all the developers give free keys for the limited time while some offer the keys for complete purchase.

Some of the websites offer free steam keys by just writing reviews about their website or any other product. Once a user writes a positive review about their product, you get rewarded with free steam key.

The Great Trade of Games

This title might have given you a clear idea what this is all about. You buy a game and can get it traded for the other one. But what if you haven’t bought a paid one and still you can trade one free game to get the steam keys? Well, this happens. One can buy a game with free game trade. If you have a free game, you can trade this to get paid game steam key. If you’re having a game and not using it anymore, you can get it traded for some other game which you want to play.

Steam has a dedicated system for this trade purpose with the name of Steam Trades where you can enter the game you have and the game you want and will get a number of trade options. One of the best platform to go for trading games.

Ninja Turtle

Ninja Turtle is another website for free steam keys giveaway. As most of the gamers know that different game steam codes are dropped from various gaming websites which are called code drops and are pasted on different forums.

In order to get one key, you need to win the any offer or puzzle that website gives to solve. Only the ones that can solve the puzzle can get the key to use it.

It is another website that giveaway Steam keys for free o various conditions. As you know, one can see various codes for games being dropped from some websites, referred to as code drops, because of being copied and pasted on the forums for others to have a look at these.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get free steam keys in 2021?

Sub Reddit communities and FreeSteamKeys are the most popular ways to get free Steam Keys for any game.

Can you get free steam keys?

Of course you can. As we discussed in this article all the ways you can grab one free steam key to start playing games free of cost.

Where can I buy legit steam keys?

Steam keys can be purchased from different websites like Humble Bundle and many other sites like this.

Where do you get steam keys?

Some of the game developer and marketers give steam keys freely which can be found in the library folder of steam app. To find the steam key for a game you can check in View CD Keys option by right clicking on the preferred game.


Concluding all, in this article we have covered the methods that can be used to get free steam keys within a matter of time. These all methods working probability is not 100%. It depends on your luck, competition and earning points.

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