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Mubeen Jalib
|  September 2, 2021  |  Reviews, By Type, Gaming Accessories 
JBL Gaming Headset - JBL Quantum One Review

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JBL Quantum One

  • Powerful Audio Sound Performance
  • Strong Microphone
  • Comes with USB Audio Mixer
  • Featured with Spatial Sound Tech
  • Quantum One is a great choice for all the gamers who love to have headset for spatial audio for the game-play. It’s the one perfect fit to go with.

    With the growing gaming industry, gaming setups and accessories are also upgrading day by day. More rivals are coming to market with more powerful features.

    In the race of gaming headsets, JBL gaming headset has made a significant place among the gamers for it’s high end specifications and features. JBL Quantum One is one of it’s top products as we all know the Quantum range has already shown many good headset collection before this Quantum One.

    JBL Gaming Headset Quantum One Review

    JBL Quantum One falls in a high price ranged product but the features you get in this price are worthy spending that much. It offers highly superb studio level sound, for which anyone can pay this price easily.

    This headset by JBL is doesn’t offer compatibility to some specific device while it is fully compatible with all the gaming devices like Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Gaming Laptops and more. It’s adaptable between a USB audio mixer and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

    Quantum One is a great choice for all the gamers who love to have wireless headset for spatial audio for the gameplay. It’s the one perfect fit to go with.


    The outer look of the Quantum One is really impressive. For sure it can impress every gamer coming out of the box. With all the powerful and advanced audio features and specs, this JBL Quantum One is still very light and comfo option to go with for the longer gaming. One can never get tired of wearing it the whole day as it doesn’t weight down nor do it hurt the neck and ears.

    JBL Gaming Headset Quantum One Design Review

    Quantum One’s is an eye catching and sleek in design with big JBL logo displayed on the outer sides of both earphones. As you plug in the USB mixer and connect it with your device, you’ll see a multi coloured spectrum light on it that adds up more colors to it’s beauty.

    The USB mixer feature only works with the gaming PC and Laptops as it doesn’t work with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s one of the main issue this headset is having. If you don’t mind the colour spectrum, then you can use this on any gaming console as well. It’s completely stable with every gaming device if you don’t care about colours.

    It’s 3.5mm headphone jack allows the gaming console users like Playstation 4, Xbox One and others to do voice chat in a room or during the game.

    Sound Performance

    If we dive into the performance overview of this JBL gaming headset Quantum One. Well, it perfectly fits around my ears without leaving any space to take out the outside noise. It’s sound performance is much similar to the LucidSound LS50X. It’s having one of the best audio one can have for gaming as it gives every minute detail coming clean and clear with surround sound effect.

    One of the spatial tech Quantum One is featured with is it’s spatial audio technology that makes it more powerful over the others. Sometimes the sound is diverted into left or right direction making it hurt immersion. But to clear this annoying effect, it’s have a button over it which can adjust and balance the sound to the center. All you have to do is straight up your head and press the button over headset and sound will be adjusted.

    Well, looking at it’s microphone, you need to take it much near to your mouth while speaking else it might miss out your voice. You must keep it close for a perfect voice in the voice chat and gaming.

    In short, JBL gaming headset Quantum One’s game-play audio is amazingly incredible. It’s spatial sound tech makes the game audio so enjoyable.

    JBL Gaming Headset: Best For…

    The One Uses a Gaming PC or Laptop

    JBL Quantum One is best for the PC gamers for it’s easy to use USB mixer and powerful mic that makes it in the top of the line for gaming headsets. It’s coloured lights can add up an extra beauty to your gaming setup.

    The One Who Plays On Every Gaming Console

    Quantum One is the best fit for the one who likes gaming over different gaming consoles or PC. It covers all the consoles and gaming setups. You won’t regret spending money on it.

    It’s performance over the consoles is a bit low than it’s performance over PC but still it’s the best option to go for.

    The One Who Love Surround Effect

    It’s Spatial sound tech featured makes the surround effect so real right in your ears following the movement of your head. It’s most amazing surround system makes it one of the best choice for the gamers.

    • Fantastic audio sound quality
    • Strong microphone performance
    • Head movement tracking for better sound adjustment
    • Plenty of options and functions
    • Supplied with easy to use USB audio mixer
    • Most of the personalization options are for PC gamers
    • Falls in a high priced tag.
    Want to Buy? We’ve got you covered.

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